• Dancakes is the world’s first professional pancake art company! Hatched from the mind of Daniel Drake and Hank Gustafson in 2013 after a photo of Dan doing pancake art at the diner where he worked went viral and landed him on NBC’s “Today Show”!

    Currently we have 3 full time artists who travel the world bringing our famous pancake art to the masses. I started with the company in 2015 and can easily say this is the weirdest job I’ve ever had.

    The question I get the most often is, “How’d you get into pancake art?”

    Here’s the short version:

    Dumb luck, mostly.

    I met Dan filling in for drums in his band, no clue that pancake art was a thing or that Dan was internet famous. I thought it was awesome, but I never thought, “Man, I’ve gotta get in on that pancake art game,”.

    Fast forward to the summer of 2015 and I had talked Dan into going on tour with me, music and pancake art. It was a wild adventure, but Dan had to fly out for a comic-con gig during the tour and miss a show.

    With few options available Dan said, “Well, do you wanna learn how to do it?”

    “Ummmm… Sure. Why not?” was my over eager reply.

    So after a quick crash course in his step-mom’s kitchen I drove to Austin in a blistering thunderstorm and made terrible pancake art and played (hopefully good) music for some awesome folks.

    Fast forward to now and I’m jetting all over the world making pancake faces, befuddled to how the heck I fell into this line of work. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but neither do most things in life. Just enjoy.